Rant: Peyton Manning doesn’t start first game of season

By Tony Osborne

Peyton Manning, the iron man of this decade, has finally succumbed to not starting the first game of the season for the first time in 208 games.

This may come as a surprise to Colts fans, but don’t be startled; this does happen!

It’s baffling to believe a team that is held at such a high degree would crumble at the sight of its savior in street clothes on the sideline.

When you base your team solely around one player, these harsh realities will occur eventually.

All of this drama comes after Manning signed a 5-year, $90 million contract in late July.

When Manning signed this deal, he was on the unable to perform list.

Everyone is aware that Manning is one of the best, but why drain that much money into an old quarterback instead of starting to develop when he is gone?

When the Colt’s signed Kerry Collins, he was supposed to be the ageless wonder and veteran leadership to Manning.

With Manning down, it seems like Colts’ fans like that veteran leadership more on the bench than the field.