Martha’s Advice: Get comfortable with college

Martha Lueck

Entering the world of independence can seem like a huge step from four years of knowing what to expect from teachers, students and family members.

Everyone has been through different experiences and learned different lessons. Now that you have left the comfort of knowing where everything is and the names of everyone around you, you are about to see who you really are and how you want your life to be. Since everything is new, the important thing is to not fear change.

If you are a perfectionist and you expect straight As, don’t freak out. There’s a lot more to adjust to than just grades.

The point of being here is to expand your interests and seek answers to things that may be of value in the future. Getting a B in a class is a small price to pay when you grow from learning through being social and asking questions. You’re probably wondering what the point of some of your classes is. They’re boring, right? Maybe you’ve taken a class similar to English 103? That’s okay.

Everything you do has some sort of different result the second or third time you repeat it. For instance, maybe you have to write a personal essay. The assignment might be similar to the one in high school, but you will write differently. Your thought process changes as you broaden your experiences. Your emotions are changing just as quickly as you continue to grow. Embrace it because you will enjoy the feeling of figuring out your place on campus and in life.

With that, I would like to say that you are now officially on the same path as the rest of us. You are now on your way up to the world of unlimited possibilities if you work hard, enjoy your time here and push through anything that might seem like a barrier. Like body builders increasing their muscle mass, you are broadening your minds, taking in everything around you.

You will soon find that you can surprise yourself by staying motivated and not taking no for an answer. Good luck and have fun! You deserve it!