Jet Edison to jettison into DeKalb Saturday

By Aurora Schnorr

DeKALB | It’s hard to keep music interesting.

Jet Edison, a Colorado-based quartet, strives to keep its music fresh and energetic. The band’s sound has been described as “genre-defying,” according to drummer Alex Johnson.

“We’re kind of a genre-blending rock band, everything from jazz to funk,” he said. “We’ve even done some hip hop, but at its roots, I’d say we’re a rock band. If we hear something different or something new, we’ll try to incorporate it. We lived with some people from Africa at one point during school and we just tried to feed off everything because anything can make your music more different or more fun.”

Jet Edison began playing together nearly four years ago but has only actively been playing gigs for two years. The guys met in the dorms at the University of Colorado. In the time that the band has been together, Jet Edison has released an 11-song album titled Adopt a Highway, as well as a shorter album of live songs from their 2010 performances.

Jet Edison is set to start its first Midwest tour tonight, working their way through Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. The band will hit the stage here in DeKalb on Saturday at The House Cafe, 118 E. Lincoln Highway, along with Robby Red Locks, The RAJ, and the Art of ILL Fusion.

As a native of Illinois, Johnson is excited to come back to his home state. The band will be playing with his high school friends in the band Bonzo Terks, who just made an appearance at The House Cafe in March.

Growing up in Warrenville, Johnson is familiar with Northern Illinois University and both his parents are alumni.

“I used to go there with my parents, some of their friends still live out there. It’s really nice by the little lagoon,” Johnson aid.

Both of the band’s recordings are available for digital download and free streaming at