Letter to the editor: Not snow fast, Parking Services

By Letter Writer

I am so frustrated with the parking situation here on campus for employees. We pay an exorbitant amount each year for the privilege of parking to work here for what is, for many of us civil service workers, short of a living wage. I understand that allocation of funds for snow and ice removal and other maintenance of lots is limited; however, employees are now being not only endangered but inconvenienced and financially penalized after having paid the exorbitant fee.

I received a ticket yesterday for parking with a blue sticker in the yellow sticker area. That was my only option after having driven around for 20 minutes looking for available blue sticker parking. There were so many blue lots covered with piles of snow taking up parking spaces that were paid for by employees to park in. It is during times like these that such violations should be forgiven, with exceptions that compromise safety, until parking is returned to its usual state. Private businesses do not conduct business this way and neither should Campus Parking.

I am appealing to the common sense of the members of the Campus Parking Services committee to waive the $40/$20 if paid within 48 hours fee.

Cynthia A. Fahler

Admissions Records Representative

Office of Undergraduate Admissions