The Rant: Jones-Drew doesn’t apologize

By Chris Dertz

Remember how Jay Cutler is a quitter, except he’s one that doesn’t quit because his doctors won’t let him play? But he tells them he feels fine, until the doctors tell him that it’s his knee and not his pancreas?

Well, Jacksonville running back Maurice Jones-Drew put Cutler on blast for that. Jones-Drew wants to move on, but he’s also not apologizing, because apologizing is not something champions do.

Jones-Drew told ESPN 1000’s Waddle and Silvy that if he’d done something wrong, he’d apologize.

The NFL is a man’s league. It’s a place where your credibility is directly proportional to your amount of chest hair, and waffling is not an option in any endeavor.

So I’d like to give props, respect and a Kudos bar to Jones-Drew for not backing down after Cutler was semi-redeemed by his panicky PR machine. You go, sir.