Tony Martin reviews your life: Facebook statuses lacking

By Tony Martin

Today’s submission is from Stevie Clark, someone who is apparently not a student but stumbled across my challenge and wanted me to review her Facebook statuses.

The e-mail itself was capitalized well, but an overabundance of “ur” instead of “your” kind of gets on my nerves. It’s only two more letters to type, you know?

Well, regardless, lets move on to some of these statuses.

Stevie Clark: “—- I wish I had the science channel … How The Universe Works marathon on Science Channel, starting at 12p ET: Today…. Grrr!”

Tony Martin: Sounds like an advertisement to me. I’m uncomfortable with how specific the listing is for the show. Eastern time; really?

Stevie Clark: “mmmm………..I love a good cup of coffee….. Goooooood Morning :)”

Tony Martin: Coffee is awful.

Stevie Clark: “Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Facebook Peeps :)”

Tony Martin: I really don’t have much to say here.

Stevie Clark: “just watched social network….loved it! :)”

Tony Martin: I never saw it, being busy with school and work, but since its got the nerd from “Adventureland” in it, I can only assume David Bowie’s music plays throughout the film and the main character is awkward around girls who will end up falling for him anyway. These are the plot elements of a movie that is boring. I can listen to “Station to Station” at home, you know?

Stevie Clark: “—-Google: Sting proves Bing copied search results!!—-

Ha Ha Bing you suck!! I told people u were a sneaky S.O.B!! Bing…Pssh..**** Bing! Alright FACEBOOK PEEPS, Can we all come together and JUST USE GOOGLE when u search for the rest of 2011!?”

Tony Martin: Yeah, I think Bing sucks too, but was there really a sting done by Google? Even if there was, who really cares? Is this the revolution against Bing that we were all waiting for? It’s a search engine, not women’s rights (which are being destroyed in this country) or reproductive rights (which are also becoming irrelevant). It’s Bing. If that’s what’s really making you mad, is everything else just not important?

Score: 1/5