Alderman David Baker’s business background comes in handy


DeKalb 6th Ward alderman David Baker has served on DeKalb City Council for the past three terms. He uses his expertise and business experience from managing Copy Services, 1005 W. Lincoln Highway, to make decisions during city council meetings.

By Melissa Mastrogiovanni

Using past experiences has helped David Baker with his duties as 6th Ward alderman of DeKalb.

Baker said he uses his business background to critique and advocate various proposals brought before the DeKalb City Council.

Not only did Baker graduate from the NIU College of Business, but he has also been manager of Copy Service, 1005 W. Lincoln Highway, since 1979. Baker utilizes his expertise and business experience by asking critical questions especially about matters dealing with the city’s budget.

Mayor Kris Povlsen said Baker’s business experience helps when it comes to looking at the city’s budget.

“He scrutinized the budget and expenditures in great detail and he is not afraid to be a descending vote sometimes,” said Povlsen. “He has a strong passion for public safety and a well staffed police force.”

Baker has been serving on the DeKalb City Council for three terms.

“I think one of the things that got me elected this last time was the need to make sure that the city’s financial future is kept transparent,” Baker said.

While at NIU, Baker took many accounting and finance courses which provided him with a deeper understanding of how a business operates.

“He’s a small businessman and he has been a successful businessman in town,” Povlsen said. “He has a really good business mind and that helps us when we are making decisions up on the council.”

Although Baker has a busy schedule, he still finds time to raise his three children and find time for himself. Baker enjoys watching movies, playing basketball, running, and listening to music.

“I can’t imagine living in a non-college community, it’s a great place to raise kids and find things to do,” Baker said.