NIU library reconstructs website for better navigation

By Candice Beasley

NIU’s University Libraries launched a reconstructed web page in hopes it will be easier to navigate.

TJ Lusher, assistant dean for Automated Library Systems, along with subject librarians, created an easier-to-use guide that is more specific to classes and more accessible to students off-campus.

“Libguides allows subject librarians to have greater flexibility,” Lusher said.

Instead of categories being listed, users can click on tabs that fits your preference, said Jessica Marchetti, graduate anthropology student, said.

“I think the tabs make the site more accessible and organized,” Marchetti said. “It also makes the site look more up-to-date.”

Graduate English student Mike Yetter said he thinks the site is cleaner and easier to navigate. “I like how everything is categorized. I’m interested to know how it works off campus.”

The website still contains the same amount of information and sources, just a different way of searching.

Lusher said she hopes the transition to the new website will be a permanent solution.

Vicky Boland, junior time arts major, said she found the changes to be more of a hassle.

“Its so inconvenient,” Boland said. “The easy use of the site is gone.”

Boland said she believes the site is very difficult to use and hard to explain.

“I have worked here for four years and I’m learning the site right along with you all,” said social science librarian Wendell Johnson. “It will be easier to use once time progresses.”