An evaluation of my own

In the spirit of evaluations, despite the boycott, I’d thought I’d do a little evaluating of my own. I mean, after four-plus years here, I just might qualify to do such a thing.

First, let’s evaluate NIU in general.

As a campus, I give NIU a 6.

Most of the buildings leave something to be desired on this campus, but buildings aside, if you stop to look around, nature tries her darndest to make up where our aesthetically deficient planners went awry. Take a look around sometime and notice what wonderful trees we have around campus and out behind Altgeld, especially in the fall and spring. If you can say anything about NIU, you can say that there are some great spots to go and read a book, feed the killer ducks or just ponder life. The school didn’t do such a bad job remaking the commons either.

I give the teachers here an 8.5.

As far as the instruction here at NIU goes, I must say that I can think of less than five teachers that I would classify as “bad” or that truly didn’t give a damn. (And I have taken over 150 hours, so I’ve experienced a lot of teachers.) My experience has been that the teachers here like to teach and all they are asking is for students who want to learn. (I have not always fit into that category, but the times I have paid off for me ten-fold.) Most have been very supportive of me as a student.

I must say that my experience with being a student worker for the Geology Department also helped me see teachers in a different light. There, I learned firsthand all the little “extras” a lot of them do that as students, we never realize.

The special programs here I must give a 10.

In my definition of special programs, I mean the Honors Program and the program for international studies. Without the people in these programs my life would be much less fulfilled.

The Honors Program is probably the major contributing factor in my luck of experiencing so many of the great teachers here at NIU. The people there have always made time for my problems and my questions (no matter how dumb they might have been). Besides that, they have also come to be friends and let me say thank you now that I will miss you—Jeff, Joe, Jim, Dick, and Joanne.

As for the program for international studies—the people there helped me have the greatest experience of my life and achieve a lifelong dream. The support and guidance I received from people like Ines and Lila is something I’ll always remember and be grateful for. If there is anyone who has the dream to travel and study in a foreign land, go see these ladies and have it come true. I don’t think there is any obstacle that they cannot help you overcome.

Putting weather aside, I give the city of DeKalb an 8.

There is something to do for everyone, if you look. There are the bars (AmEx rules!)—the cultural (Egyptian Theater)—the culinary diversity (Bee’s Wok and Roll)—and of course CORN FEST!!

Where else is there a college town city council that gives three of its seats to student representatives? Plus the people I have met, who have to live with us students, have been very tolerable of all our abundant youth and silliness—and that counts for a lot.

It hasn’t been all roses, but then trial builds character, they say. About the worst thing I can say is that too many of us give up on this place too soon and then the time here does truly turn into a “journey through hell.” It’s true that there are many things about NIU and DeKalb which could make a person crazy—a.k.a. the parking situation and the radium-filled water, but don’t let it bog you down.

Well, there’s my evaluation of this place. As you can discern, all in all I don’t think it was such a bad decision to come here. Have a wonderful weekend!