Robin Kelly for treasurer of Illinois

By Editorial Board

The Northern Star Editorial Board endorses Robin Kelly for the office of treasurer of Illinois.

We admit that out of all of the races in the midterm, this is one of the few races that we’ve had to read up on extensively. Between the slugfests that are the governor’s race and the U.S. Senate seat, it’s understandable why the race for treasurer, already a low-key position, between Robin Kelly and Dan Rutherford doesn’t attract much election coverage.

But from what we’ve read, heard and seen, we believe Kelly is the best person for the job. Both Rutherford and Kelly realize how the treasurer’s office can make cuts in a time when all forms of government spending are being looked at with a greater emphasis.

Kelly, on the other hand, believes the treasurer’s office can be used to spur job creation.

Whereas Rutherford has not provided specifics on which particular aspects of the office he would cut (and how much the cuts would save), Kelly knows which bills and policies she’ll need to lobby for in the General Assembly.

In particular, her focus on technology-based jobs would turn Illinois into “the Silicon Prairie.”

It is for these reasons that the Northern Star Editorial Board has endorsed Robin Kelly for the office of treasurer of Illinois.