Jim Luebke has earned respect that outweighs Acardo’s naive experience

By Letter to the editor

As a Marine Corps Veteran, I find John Acardo’s constant remarks about being “on the front lines of public service delivery” naive. Apparently he does not have the life experience to understand what being on the “front lines” truly means to those who have been there. This is a good thing for him: It means that he has not had the struggles that some of the rest of us have had.

However, Jim Luebke earned my respect and my vote through his varied and hard-earned experience. He grew up the son of a UAW John Deere plant worker. He joined the Navy after he graduated high school, working in the engine room of the nuclear powered guided missile cruiser, the U.S.S. Arkansas. He then went to college while raising his daughter, and earned a degree at NIU. He was a substitute teacher before becoming a manager at a manufacturing plant in Sycamore, a position he has been in for nearly 10 years.

The common thread through all of Jim’s experience is the respect he has earned from everyone he meets. He earns that respect through hard work and tireless dedication to the people he works with and fights for. Jim has earned my respect and my vote. Please join me on Nov. 2 by voting for Jim Luebke for DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder.


Danny Gallagher

Genoa resident