Making the band

By Tony Martin

The DeKalb music scene has a strong history. A history that continues today.

Yet, a handful of strong local bands can only do so much with their time in DeKalb.

So, in an attempt to revitalize this scene before stagnation sets in, the Northern Star‘s DeKalb Scene section (and your’s truly) are going to try to kick start things.

Are you in a new band? Did you just decide to get serious about playing music with some friends? If you are just starting something in DeKalb, send me your information. We are going to spotlight a brand-new band in a mini-series here in DeKalb.

I will meet with you guys step by step, between once a week or several times a week (depending on your schedule) and we will discuss everything and put it in print. We will go from the origin of your band, spotlight each member, and follow your creative process as it evolves. We will follow you, and eventually you will get shows.

I realize that a majority of people on this campus find me pretentious, so the disclaimer is as follows: bands will not be evaluated on the basis of their musical style. As long as the band is in its infancy stage and the members plan to commit to its success (I don’t want to write five articles about a band that breaks up before its first show), it doesn’t matter the musical style. Send me your rap-metal band, your pop punk band, your Jazz quintet or your metalcore act. The intention of this mini-series is to show our readers the excitement and hard work that goes into becoming a band. It’s like that P. Diddy show “Making the Band,” but I will never ask you to go on a scavenger hunt. I will come to your dorm room, or basement, or wherever you practice. I will use my limited connections to try to help you find an audience. DeKalb, the ball is in your court now. You know where to find me, and I will be waiting to tell your story.