Buses to return to old routes

By Matt Gilbert

Attention Huskie Bus riders: If anyone is standing outside the Founders Memorial Library Monday wondering where their bus is, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Starting at 7 a.m. next Monday, all the bus routes will be changing back to their original point of terminus at the Holmes Student Center, according to Student Association Mass Transit Board Chair Charlotte Chambers.

This means that anyone who insists on waiting at the south end of Carroll Avenue next to the library for their bus is bound to get a little chilly and impatient.

The reasons for the change are simple. First, the Lucinda Avenue construction project is over. Before the construction began, all the buses used the student center turnaround. They depended on Lucinda as the only means of entering the terminus.

“We wanted all the buses to be together. That way it will be easier for students to get from one bus to another. For instance, if a student wants to go to a store on Sycamore Road, they won’t have to go across the MLK Commons to catch the number seven,” Chambers said.

Second, the Mass Transit Board decided they did not want their passengers to freeze this winter while waiting for their bus. With the terminus at the student center, passengers can seek relief from the cold while they wait for their bus inside the doorway to the center.

“Even if we had shelters up (at the library), it still wouldn’t help combat the cold,” Chambers said.

Chambers said some of the board members thought they should be thinking in the long term and leave some of the buses at the library for when the parking structure opens, but for the present time, the board voted against it.

Chambers also said when the buses return to the student center, routes 1, 3 and 5 will resume their stops in University Circle and DuSable Hall.