This week in Youtube


This Week In YouTube

“Charlie the Unicorn 3”

“Charlie the Unicorn” is back for the third time!

The YouTube sensation’s third installment follows Charlie and the other two unicorns on another pointless quest, this time to save the planet by helping to complete a snowman. The nearly six-minute video had the standard jokes and followed the typical format of the first two videos.

There were some funny parts but for the most part it was just more of the same from Charlie and friends. More off-the-wall dialogue, a pointless storyline, the other two unicorns talking in soft, airy voices and the standard punchline at the end.

This video of Charlie featured a catchy song about how all the animals in the sea love Charlie. Comical, but nowhere near hilarious or overly entertaining for more than one view. There’s not much to say about this video other than the repetitiveness is getting old and boring quick.

When looking at the YouTube hits for all the unicorn videos, they have been declining since the original. So this could be one of the last “Charlie the Unicorn” videos due to its sliding popularity. I fear that people of the Internet will always have an odd infatuation with the borderline depressed, grumpy unicorn.

Although I grow weary of “Charlie the Unicorn,” there is no doubt that this video will reach at least 5 million hits, probably more.