Supergroup Tinted Windows creates unique sound, pulls together best from every band member


Don’t let the members of Tinted Windows sway your opinion of the music.

The band’s sound is power-pop, mixed with a bit of 80s style that is catchy, driven and captivating. Combining each member’s former band style, a unique sound is heard throughout the album.

Taylor Hanson (Hanson), Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick), James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) and Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) make up the supergroup whose self-titled debut CD was released Tuesday.

The first single, “Kind of a Girl,” is extremely catchy. It’s popish but contrasted with strong guitar riffs and rock-driven drums. Hanson’s voice still has the teenybopper sound we know him for but now has a mature rawness to it. Iha and Schlesinger combine phenomenally for back-up vocals next to Hanson.

Another track, “Messing With My Head,” differs from “Kind of a Girl” with a heavier rock sound, as opposed to light-hearted and teen-rockerish. The chorus heightens the song and pulls it together, making it catchy and fun to listen to.

Also, the tune “Without Love” has repetitive guitar riffs but it’s not boring at all. In fact, it holds the song together with the heavy bass line, giving the song that toe-tapping feeling.

Tinted Window’s lyrics are strong and powerful. With a driven sound underneath the lyrics, everything is pulled together extremely well to capture a true sound.

Surely to be a debut hit, this group’s talent surpasses any preconceived stereotypes.