Ludacris and T.I. rock the Convo


Those who made it to the Convocation Center on Friday night were treated to the swagger of rappers Ludacris and T.I.

Even though the concert was plagued with sound problems, the two larger-than-life rappers brought hit song after hit song to loyal fans in DeKalb.

When Ludacris’s smooth voice came over the speakers belting out the chorus to “Everybody Hates Chris” the Convo erupted with applause. He made his way across the modest stage setup and started his hour-long set list. Most of Luda’s set contained his earlier top charting hits, which seemed to please the crowd.

At one point, he allowed his DJ to show-off his spectacular talent on the turntables. Later, Ludacris brought out three dancers on stage and had Shawna come out and spit the lyrics to “What’s Your Fantasy.” Shawnna would later come out and give another amazing, yet short performance with ‘Cris.

One odd event in this short time was the appearance of two very young girls on stage. Shawnna dragged them around the stage like she wanted to show them off to the whole crowd but they seemed scared and confused. It seemed extremely inappropriate for the two girls, especially when Luda and Shawnna were singing about oral sex.

Ludacris’s time on stage was short, but he was able to put on a great show with many different aspects.

After some sound difficulties that continued throughout the concert and a quick DJ switch, Tip “T.I.” Harris came out to the thunderous applause of the crowd. The crowd seemed to be completely enthralled with T.I. and his 90-minute set list.

He brought hit after hit and gave sincere shout outs to Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and talked about his recent trouble with the law (this is one of T.I.’s last shows before he goes to jail for a year). T.I. seemed to be swooning all the ladies of the crowd as bras were thrown onstage. Although T.I. sang well despite the equipment failures, there was little else to his set list. No dancers, no special guests and very few freestyles.

Overall, it was a very entertaining show with heavy bass and a fast-beat set list by both artists.

One aspect that would have made this concert more memorable was if the two rappers shared the stage for an encore song. That would have been an amazing way to close a great concert for the excited crowd.