‘Pick-Up Artist’ showcases nice guys who need help finding love


There’s a mystery behind that geeky face. Somehow he gets the girl. VH1 reality show, “The Pick-Up Artist,” now in its second season, helps boost many men’s self-esteem.

The “The Pick-Up Artist” showcases men who are lacking social skills and have a tremendously difficult time getting the girl. They need help. Their lifeline is a man named Mystery. Along with his sidekick, Matador, Mystery aids these seemingly helpless guys in their social skills and teaches them how to communicate with the opposite sex to gain a woman’s attention.

Mystery, by no means, is trying to turn these guys into “man-sluts,” he is simply trying to boost their confidence and make them feel better inside and out. Each week, the guys are given tasks, which often involve opening “sets” or conversation starters. Mystery instructs and gives tips on what they should and shouldn’t do and the contestant that does the worst gets kicked off.

The winner of the first season, Kosmo, passed the challenges with flying colors and was deemed the pick up artist. He would then join Mystery and help others as they face the challenges of picking up women.

Now in its second season, “The Pick-Up Artist” showcases nine guys that are in need of Mystery’s help. But, really? Who is Mystery and how did he become the pick-up artist? Is he just a P.I.M.P.?

Mystery, with others, developed a method to help men succeed in finding love. He created phrases to describe situations such as “IOI” (indicator of interest) and “set” (opening a conversation). He’s trying to help men gain self-esteem and self-worth, so really, he’s not a pimp. It seems like he is simply an educator and not out there to whore himself. Some people need an extra push to gain self-worth and Mystery is helping these men accomplish that.

“The Pick-Up Artist” airs on VH1 Sunday nights at 8 p.m.