Three bands that could rock out on a comeback tour


What do Tina Turner, New Kids on the Block and Metallica have in common?

They are all experiencing successful comebacks. So that got me to thinking, what three musicians would I most enjoy to see come back on the stage and rock out for old times sake. I compiled a short list of three bands, in no particular order, that I think are due for a full-blown, front-page comeback tour.

3) Pink Floyd

Although this will be the least likely time for a comeback tour after the recent death of original keyboardist Richard Wright, the band may feel like it is betraying him by going on tour. It would be amazing to see if the other original band mates could come together and produce

spectacular live shows that I have sadly not seen in person.

2) Snoop Dogg

Although Snoop Dogg has never fallen out of the limelight (his name seems to pop up in movies, news, TV shows and red carpet premieres once in awhile), it would be amazing to hear his laidback, “Westside” style of rap on the stage. If Dr. Dre decided to join Snoop, then that would

make it even more phenomenal and would bring the rap genre back to some of its more prestigious roots.

1) Dispatch

The most popular independent band ever has huge potential if they do a full cross-country tour. They proved how successful they could be by selling out Madison Square Garden three nights in a row for their Zimbabwe benefit concert in 2007. I am surprised that after this phenomenal success they haven’t done a summer tour together, because my guess is that it would be huge! I would be uncontrollably excited if the original three members of Dispatch would comeback and do another reunion tour that did more than just one stop.