Shwayze creates name for himself on latest release


Creating a name for oneself in the music industry is not an easy task.

Hip-hop artist, Shwayze did just that this summer when he released a self-titled CD, along with a reality TV show on MTV.

Shwayze grew up in a trailer park in California, where he longed to become a performer. After teaming up with producer/songwriter, Cisco Adler, the duo was signed to Suretone Records.

The album focuses on finding love, the struggles of the industry and having a good time out on the town. The opening track, “Roamin,” talks about finding love with lyrics like “Listen call me on the telephone / sorry love I’m not at home / I’m out on the town roamin’ / Leave a message after the tone and I’ll get back to you in the morning.”

The first single that was put out, “Buzzin’,” is a slower track, but still keeps the listener intrigued with acoustic guitar and percussive beats. During the track, “Hollywood,” Shwayze and Adler discuss the difficulties of creating a name for themselves within the music scene.

Shwayze and Adler also star in their own reality TV show, aptly titled “Buzzin’,” which airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m. on MTV. “Buzzin'” echoes the album by showing the same situations as talked about on the CD. The show highlights the antics of Shwayze and Adler as they party, write and produce tracks, perform and try to navigate through the industry.

Shwayze and Adler deliver smooth lyrics with strong rhythm and beats along with humming acoustic guitars on their album. The reality show gives the audience an inside look of the duo’s work and struggles as up-and-coming performers. Listeners will not be disappointed.