I would like to pose a question to The Northern Star editorial staff.

In literature that describes and advertises NIU, the claim is made that NIU is an equal opportunity institution, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, material status, national origin, handicap or status as a disabled or Vietnam era veteran.

Yet at times it seems that when it comes to resolving questions of race, ethnicity, religion, the rights of the disabled etc., some who claim to represent the best interests of NIU, including some members of the Star editorial staff, take a negative stance.

Has it occurred to The Northern Star editorial staff that if one person has had a difficult time attaining their rights, there may be others who have had similar experiences or who have faced similar situation? I do believe that all who attend NIU, work at NIU and strive to make NIU a positive experience have rights.

Kevin Lyons writes some insightful, thought-provoking articles. On Nov. 16, he begins by writing, “Score one for freedom of speech and the insensitive.” Kevin righteously defends our freedom of speech. However, I don’t see glorifying an organization that discriminates on the basis of class, ethnic background, and/or race as a worthy means to accomplish this. As a matter of fact, he defends an organization that is probably as far from the true Christian ideals and morals that he preaches as any on a given college campus (I am writing this from personal experience.) I believe the U.S. Constitution reserves the right for the pursuit of happiness to be available for everybody.

After reading some of what has passed for journalism in The Northern Star the past few months, I think that certain members of The Northern Star editorial staff are the ones who are most sorely in need of a cultural diversity class.

Brian Silverstein

NIU Alumni

Current NIU employee