Moving of memorial boards necessary to move on


Moving on is an inevitable part of the grieving process.

The eight memorial boards erected to help students cope with the Feb. 14 shootings were removed from King Memorial Commons over the weekend.

For six weeks, the boards served as a place to mourn the loss of our peers and a place to write words of support. These boards represented the pride and unity our campus experienced during the aftermath of the Feb. 14 shootings. However, the memorials also served as a daily reminder of the tragedy our campus and the surrounding communities endured that day.

Moving forward and continuing with the semester is difficult after such a tragic event, but the Northern Star believes it is the first step in truly moving forward. This is not to say that the lives that our community lost and those who were injured on Feb. 14 should be forgotten; NIU lost five individuals who will be missed dearly.

That said, the Northern Star believes our fellow NIU students would have wanted us to move forward together.