Rec Center offers new running group for students


Exercise is hard to fit in a student’s routine, but participating in a running group may help.

Recreation Services offers a new group fitness this spring called the fun run. The group encourages runners of any level to try a fun activity in a group setting, said Becky Lewis, assistant director of fitness, wellness and marketing.

The group meets on Fridays at the Campus Recreation Center in Activity Room 1 and it is free to join.

The group runs a variety of routes, Lewis said. She added that the group uses the indoor track when it is too cold.

Lewis said the group allows participants to meet new people and to work together.

“It helps with exercise motivation and commitment, and provides people with a chance to try something new if they want to start running but would rather not do it alone,” Lewis said.

Lewis said runners generally use a variety of methods to run.

“There are many people who run for exercise and fitness,” Lewis said. “We have people who run on the treadmills, run on the track, and people who come in and use the locker rooms and then run outside.”

Renita Birt, senior English major and a runner, said running has great benefits. She added that she would join the group if she had the time.

“It helps by staying healthy and losing weight,” Birt said. “I would join to stay fit and healthy.”

Lewis hopes students particpate in this group.

“The main focus of the group is just getting people to exercise together, and to stick with a program and have fun,” she said.