Differences in members unite sorority

By Grant Miller

The spotlight house of the week shines on the women of Alpha Delta Pi.

The national chapter of the sorority was founded on May 15, 1851 in Macon, Georgia. One hundred and thirteen years passed until they were first established at NIU in 1964. In its 29 years on campus, Alpha Delta Pi has lived in two different houses and has a current membership of 75.

Sorority members enjoy the diversity they find among the people living in the house. “We are all very diverse, we’re interested in a lot of different things,” House President Stephanie Edmunds said. “We are interested in things outside the house; we all fit together like a puzzle.”

House members feel this diversity actually brings the house together. “We really support each other, I know it sounds corny, but it’s true,” House Scholarship Chair Julie Leigh said. “We are always there for each other.”

These friendships bring many things into sorority members lives. “The friendships really help you grow, emotionally and intellectually,” Leigh said.

“Many people stereotype sororities as buying your friends; we would be friends regardless,” Edmunds added.

The friendships created from sorority life are developed in some of the philanthropic experiences that the house encourages. Currently, the house is working with the Ronald McDonald house in Oak Brook. They also have done work with the Lion’s Club here in DeKalb.

“We sat in the dunk tank for the Lion’s Club over Cornfest weekend,” House Philanthropy Chair Geanie Pecora said. “You get to know the people you’re living with better,” she continued, “You’re in a dunk tank and you’re just acting goofy.”

The house will also be working on a Tootsie Roll drive for the Knights of Colombus.

House members agree sorority life has given them strong ambitions they may not have had otherwise. “I think living here has really taught me a lot of leadership skills,” Pecora said. “When I was in high school I did jack, I’m now working in philanthropy. It’s something I would have never done before.”

Alumni play a very important role in life of the house. Former house members were instrumental in the success of the fall Rush. Alumni are kept informed as to new house activities by an alumni relations director.

“Our alumni chair contacts people on a regular basis,” Pecora said. “We find their experience helpful.”

Typically, weekends at the Alpha Delta Pi house are loud according to house members. “It’s awesome, people just blast their radios, and we all just sort of hang out together.” Leigh said.

“Usually we will all go out together at night and then throughout the night we’ll sort of go our separate ways for awhile,” Pecora added. “But then we will all end up back at the same place.”

When looking for new members, Alpha Delta Pis tend to look for people who are just very natural. “We want people who will just be themselves and not act fake in front of us,” Edmunds said. “They don’t try to fit in; they just will.”

For Homecoming weekend, house members intend to have alumni over to watch some home movies and tailgate before the football game.

Individuality is the motor that keeps Alpha Delta Pis going according to house members. According to Leigh, “We just are who we are.”