The Rec’s tri-section leaky roof drips on several areas

By Jermaine Pigee

DeKALB | Students using the Recreation Center may get wet.

The roof of the Rec Center has been leaking in certain areas for some time, leading to damage in several areas of the facility.

The Center was built in two phases. The first roof was constructed in 1983, covering the main multi-purpose courts and the track area. This roof may have already been replaced, said Sandi Carlisle , Director of Recreation Services.

The second roof, which was built in the same year, covers most of the remaining areas of the Rec Center and has not been replaced since its construction, Carlisle said.

“This roof has outlived its life cycle and needs to be replaced,” she said.

The newer third roof section, which was built in 1995 and covers the cardio/weight room, meeting room, multi-purpose courts and massage therapy room, is in good condition but needs to be monitored, she said.

“It is doing okay.” Carlisle said. “Certainly we will need to be sure we continue to monitor its condition and make plans for replacement when necessary.”

The leaks are happening primarily in some of the racquetball courts, one of the activity rooms and in the main hallway, Carlisle said.

“The second roof section is leaking in several areas,” she said. Carlisle added that some damage has been done to the leaking areas.

There is currently a plan in place to fix the damage.

“A capital project was approved to replace the second roof section,” Carlisle said. “Architectural and Engineering is currently preparing the bid documents to obtain a contractor to replace the roof.”

The cost to repair the roof depends on estimates provided by the Architectural and Engineering Department, she said.

“This project is going out to bid which means we are waiting for companies to give us a cost,” Carlisle said. “We have a project budget estimate, but until we obtain actual estimates from the companies, which will be based on the bid documents that Architectural and Engineering provide them; I will not know the actual cost.”