Would-be business fraternity fed up with SA

By Jermaine Pigee

Students who are part of the Delta Psi Alpha business fraternity are upset because the Student Association reportedly refuses to recognize them.

Students are saying the reasons the fraternity is not being recognized is lack of organization on the part of the Student Association.

One spokesperson for the group said the fraternity submitted paperwork to the SA in early September of 2006.

“The SA lost our paper work that we gave them. We should have already been recognized,” said sophomore undecided major Maria Mendoza. “We should have been informed that we are not being recognized. The SA is not well organized.”

Mendoza also said when she and other “members” went to the SA, they said they would find Delta Psi Alpha’s paper work, but never did.

“When we went to Melissa [Williams, assistant director of Greek affairs], she told us she would find the paper work and she never did,” Mendoza said.

Other members of the fraternity say they have also turned in the required paper work.

“I sent in my paper work for the first time in spring 2006 and in fall 2006. My paperwork was lost and the new rule came into effect,” junior art history major Jose Ruiz-Santana said. “In spring 2007, we turned in new paperwork and we were informed of the new rule.”

Williams did not return several attempts to reach her at her office.

The new rule mandates the Greek council has to accept students before the SA does. This rule took effect last fall.

“Why do we have to follow the new rule when we turned in the paperwork before the rule came into effect and they lost it?” Ruiz-Santana said. “Why do he have to suffer the consequences?”

According to the Student Association, the Delta Psi Alpha fraternity is not being recognized because there are a lot of fraternities, sororities and counsels also seeking recognition lined up in front of the Delta Psi Alpha frat.

Though the Delta Psi Alpha frat believes its paper work was lost, the wait it is experiencing is normal, according to the Student Association. The Delta Psi Alpha frat applied two weeks ago and that is a normal wait, the SA says.

The Student Association says the Delta Psi Alpha frat’s paper work is being processed and any other questions should be directed to the Student Association.