DeKalb Hot Spot: Record Rev

By Stacie Wieland

The spot:

Record Rev, owned by Mark Cerny, located at 817 W. Lincoln Highway.

What’s hot in the store?

With floor-to-ceiling new and used music and the faint smell of Nag Champa wafting in the air, Record Rev is a store that every music lover should check out. As the digital age continues its stranglehold on the industry, having a place to experience music to the fullest in its many forms is not something one should take for granted.

“This is a store that’s dedicated to music and is staffed by people who know music very well,” Cerny said.

What’s hot on the shelf?

One thing that Cerny says sets his store apart from other “Big Box” stores is the wider selection of indie music, not only on CD, but also on vinyl.

“We’re pretty receptive to stocking what people want,” Cerny said of vinyl’s rising popularity.

Cerny’s current favorite album is “Born in the U.K.” by Badly Drawn Boy.

“It’s good from beginning to end,” he said.

The current best-selling CD in the store is “Wincing the Night Away” by The Shins.

How hot are the prices?

“I’ve always tried to price things fairly,” Cerny said. “I do keep in mind [the] tight budgets of college kids.”

With such a wide variety of older and used mediums (vinyl, cassette tapes), one can easily find something desirable within a reasonable and affordable price range.