Conditions limit fee refundability

By Matt Gilbert

On-campus students who are finding out there are some refundable student fees and hoping to claim a big bonanza in rebates are destined for disappointment.

Students pay a total of $25.93 in fees per credit hour, up to a maximum of twelve credit hours, or $311. Of the fees on-campus students will pay this semester, only the health insurance fee, the student-to-student grant fee and the Northern Star fee are refundable.

Students who commute to school from more than 15 miles away are eligible for a refund for some of the fees, but if students haven’t collected them by now, they are stuck.

According to the 1993 fall semester schedule book, commuter students who are absent from the campus and commute to school from over 15 miles away may apply for a refund for up to 12 credit hours for the following fees: student activities fee ($2.63 per credit hour), busing fee ($3.80 per credit hour), Health Service fee ($4.79 per credit hour) and athletic fee ($4.48 per credit hour).

The maximum refund for commuter students taking 12 hours is $188.40.

The catch is that commuters must apply for the refund within the first 15 calendar days of the semester. Students who did not fill out a form with the Bursar by Sept. 7 missed their chance for a refund.

The $121.63 health insurance fee pays for students’ medical care. It is refundable only if the student is able to show proof of other health insurance that provides equal or better coverage. It is also only refundable for the first 15 calendar days of the semester.

The student-to-student grant calls for a flat fee of $3 and is refundable, but if a student asks for a refund he will forfeit the chance to receive money from the program and, if he is receiving a grant at the time, it will be withdrawn.

The Student Association has just voted to increase the fee by $1.50 so more underprivileged students may attend school.

Only the Northern Star fee of 12 cents per credit hour is easily refundable. If a student is dissatisfied with the newspaper, he can go to the Bursar’s Office and a check for $1.43 will be sent to his home in about two weeks, no questions asked.

The penny goes to postage and handling.