Apple presents latest in technological tools

By Jake Miller

From iChat to Bonjour, the latest in Apple communication technology was present at the Apple Communication Conference Wednesday.

James Helms, an Apple campus representative and senior communication major, presented the event as part of his semester capstone project.

The event highlighted several features of Apple computers, including iChat, Bonjour and Bluetooth. Helms demonstrated each program and illustrated the benefits each program offers Macintosh computer users.

Taking text chat to the next level

The feature presentation included a live video conference with three Apple employees from around the United States, using iChat.

iChat allows users to have a video conference with several users at one time, with live audio and virtually undisturbed sound quality.

The three guests via iChat, included Andrew Johnson, Education Online Store Manager in Cupertino, Ca.; Greg Guadagnoli, Inside Sales in Austin, TX; and Ty Beckmann, Account Executive in Chicago.

Users can use iChat user names or AIM names, which iChat is compatible with.

“We use iChat as a daily communication tool that allows us to multi-task on a whole new level,” Johnson said.

One benefit of iChat is the ability to connect to a conference or meeting from anywhere an Internet connection, including WiFi, is available.

“In the field, you can stop off at a Starbucks or something and have a two or three-way video conference,” Beckmann said.

Other software

Bonjour, which provides an easy way to find devices such as printers, was highlighted as well.

One guest, who had an Apple laptop with him, participated in a video connection when his computer was detected with Bonjour.

Bonjour is not just Apple technology, but a cross-platform product that works with many products, including high-end printers manufactured by Xerox.

Bluetooth, a wireless device that has the ability to connect technologies, was presented as an ideal form for transferring files from computer to computer within a local area.

“Think of Blutooth as wireless USB, said Apple Account Executive Patrick Beedles. “Things like printers, keyboards and mice work very well with it.”

Following the presentation, Beedles shared information about Apple’s new direction and the new Intel Core Duo.