It’s like 1849 all over again. Sort of.

By Brayton Cameron

Trying to impress your friends? Worried about never having those extra couple of dollars to go to the bar, see a movie or buy illegal substances? Well this is just the thing for you. Each week there will be a new scientific attempt to solve common mundane problems.

This week: turning lead into gold.

Materials needed: As much lead as you’ll want to turn into gold, a clear plastic bottle, hand soap with glycol stearate, water, food coloring and clear tape.

First, ask your parents’ permission to use the tape and food coloring.

Fill the plastic bottle one quarter of the way with liquid soap and a few drops of whatever color of food coloring you’d like.

Next, slowly pour water into the bottle on an angle as to not create bubbles with the soap.

Now put the cap on and shake up the bottle. If there is foam created, open the bottle and slowly pour some more water inside.

If necessary, dry the bottle and tape up the cap so it doesn’t leak.

Now twirl the bottle and watch the pretty colors. Try twirling it in different directions or speeds.

Now recite a few incantations in ancient Sumerian in the name of Ea ,the God of Water, and pour the water on the lead. If the moon blesses you with its favor, you will have gold. You’ll later have to exchange this for real money.

This experiment was done under supervision. The Northern Star does not suggest this experiment to be replicated in any manner. Send questions or concerns to