DeKalb Camera to offer an array of new services

By Tom Chadar

The service offered by a new DeKalb business can alter the images your photographs reveal.

DeKalb Camera, 811 W. Lincoln Hwy., can take away the bride from your wedding photography, so you can feel free to present yourself as single and looking to your new sweetheart.

Laurie Feld, owner of DeKalb Camera, said, “For instance, once we were asked to take away an unwanted guy from a group wedding picture. So we did, and put the group back together.”

The new service is offered along with an array of others for photo amateurs and professionals. DeKalb Camera offers the first 30-minute photo developing service available in town.

“The machine can do that in 30 minutes, why shouldn’t we?” she said. “Among the other reasons we opened this business in DeKalb is the limited competition: a city with 70,000 people has only a few photo developing services, and none of them offers express service. And of course, we met a lot of nice people around in the town.”

Feld said she was interested in photography since she was in high school. Everything began with making pictures for the school’s yearbook. Later, she began taking orders for wedding parties and other occasions.

In 1981, she opened her first film developing business in her garage in Peoria. Feld and her husband were picking orders from department stores, offering the first next day service in Peoria, while others would develop film in two days. She has expanded her business, and today Feld is the owner of several stores in Peoria and the one in DeKalb.

DeKalb Camera is open until 8 p.m., Monday through Friday and also on Saturdays. “We will be setting up a ‘Create-A-Print’ machine in a month. Customers will be able to make prints on their own,” she said.

In addition to the 30 minute service, DeKalb Camera offers a regular two-hour service.

“It is our commitment to do whatever the customer wants to be done, and never say ‘We can’t’,” Feld said.

The new store will be run by manager Burt Wicke.