By Nathan Walters

A definitive mental illness film exploring the world of multiple personality disorder through a “who-done-it” mystery format with twists that turn it into a lighter horror film. If you have already seen this film, you likely won’t need to watch it again, but should. This is the movie’s downfall. The ending works in the same way as any surprise-ending movie, where once you know the secret, the movie becomes predicable.

“Identity” is still a great film, whether you know the ending or not. It is completely entertaining and sometimes, even though you know the ending, you will find yourself doubting your knowledge.

It has the star power of John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet, but doesn’t necessarily have any connection to any other movies these actors have previously done.

It is through and through a quality film that keeps the new-comers guessing and those who have had the privilege glued to their seats.

If you are a fan of the psychological side of the world and taking a look into someone else’s messed up mind, “Identity” is a great place to go.