NIU reading clinic accepting fall appointments

By Grant Miller

For 40 years the NIU reading clinic has worked at helping students who have difficulty with reading.

The NIU Reading Clinic, established in 1953, now is accepting appointments for their fall, winter and spring assessment clinics for students from second grade through high school.

“Diagnostic assessment can be of great value to both parents and teachers of students having difficulty in reading,” said Reading Clinic Director Tom Wheat. “Parents and teachers have really appreciated the work the clinic has done.”

On their one-day trip, students will be evaluated by their current reading abilities as well as their potential abilities.

After the assessment, the results are sent with a report to the students, teachers and parents with suggestions how to improve reading habits.

“The clinic zeroes in on the students’ particular needs and then offers ways in which the problems may be solved,” Wheat said. “The clinic works with about 100 to 150 children a year.”

The diagnostic assessment of potential reading abilities is given as an intelligence test and the current reading abilities assessment is given as an informal reading test.

The clinic is not only for school age children. Some adults attend the clinic as well. “Some are adults who aren’t reading at their potential or at their ideal level,” Wheat said.

The results and recommendations of the clinic usually have a positive effect on the students. “The students are able to get the necessary help,” Wheat said. “The progress is usually slow, the catch up time is usually two to three years.”

The end results of the clinic often are positive. “We have gotten many personal testimonies from parents and teachers who have admired our work,” Wheat said. “Our help has really been appreciated.”

The clinics are from nine to noon on Saturdays. There is a $40 fee, but there is a reduced rate of $5 for students qualifying for free or reduced cost lunch programs.

To make an appointment, or for more information on the NIU Reading Clinic please call 753-8450.