Alternative band 311 makes audience ‘feel so good’ Sunday

By Michelle Gibbons

Rock, rap and reggae band 311 worked the crowd “‘til it was ‘Uncalm’” at the Convocation Center Sunday night.

“Let’s get this place bouncing,” said Nick Hexum, 311 lead singer, as the band played “Freak Out.”

Loud cheers were heard from the audience as “Beautiful Disaster” was played and fans got out their lighters in approval of “Love Song.”

From its new album, “Don’t Tread On Me,” the band played “Speak Easy.”

“It’s not about an illegal drinking establishment,” Hexum said. “It’s about speaking your mind.”

Chad Sexton, drummer for the band, broke into a drum solo during one of the songs, making the crowd cheer even louder.

In addition to the song “Uncalm,” off of its CD “From Chaos,” 311 also played “All Mixed Up.”

“I wanted to dedicate this song to my best friend since first grade, Curtis Grubb, from Grasshopper Takeover. I’ve quoted him in this song,” Hexum said.

Grubb’s name is mentioned in the 311 song “Right Now.”

The song “Down” was “dedicated to the old school 311 fans,” Hexum said.

The last two songs played included “Creatures (For Awhile)” and “Feel So Good.”

Fans had different opinions on the 311 concert as well as the atmosphere of the Convo.

“We came all the way from Indiana to see them,” said Eddie Malloy. “They are pretty much one of my Top Five favorite bands. If you catch me during the summer with my windows down, you’ll hear 311.”

Tameka Freeman, a senior physical education major, felt the same way.

“I think it’s cool they picked a smaller venue,” Freeman said.

Rob Reiff, a resident of Harvard, said he loves 311 as well, but was a little upset about the price of their merchandise.

“They’re one of the most amazing bands ever, but why are their hats more expensive than their shirts?” Reiff said.

Omaha-based Grasshopper Takeover opened for 311. The crowd cheered as the band played “Bonecrusher.”

“They were actually pretty good,” said sophomore history major Pat Egan. “They sounded like Muse [or] Dream Theater.”

Grasshopper Takeover thanked the audience for coming, and said the band “definitely wants to come here again.”

Kevin Selover, marketing manager for the Convo, said there was a good turnout overall for the concert.

“I think we had a good crowd tonight,” Selover said. “There [was] a good vibe in the building.”