‘Rerun Movie Festival’ series returns

By David Rauch

Midnight movie attendees, self-proclaimed lovers of oddities, tricksters and twists, have now received satisfaction. Carmike Market Square Cinema, 2160 Sycamore Road, have decided to re-run the bi-annual “Rerun Movie Festival.”

Beginning Friday with an 11 p.m. showing of “Napoleon Dynamite,” Market Square Cinema is embracing its roots by bringing back the six week, $3-a-pop, cult-classic movie festival that began in 2001.

“The Rerun Movie Fest brings obscure or older films back to the screen,” said Jeff Kerman, assistant manager of Market Square Cinema. “There’s an impact while watching films on a theater screen with a hundred other people that doesn’t exist at home.”

Local movie enthusiasts bemoaned the loss of the bi-annual festival last fall.

“The spring 2005 festival never lifted off the ground because of the failing of GKC as a company,” Kerman said.

The democratic process in which the movie festival line-up was chosen, gave the fest a sense of intimacy and camaraderie in an otherwise hopelessly corporate theater system.

There is a ballot box in the lobby of the theater and the cinema takes all suggestions, though it is against Carmike Cinema policy to show any movie rated worse than NC-17.

The films selected for this festival are derived from the requests last year.

“Every year we get a few movies requested incessantly – “Goonies,” “Fight Club” and especially, “Evil Dead,” Kerman said.

In addition to good – or inentionally bad – movies, each night, directly before the feature, a “crappy raffle” is held.

At random, ticket numbers are called and the lucky winner receives one of a “showcase of the finest in movie poster selection,” Kerman said.

In an increasingly sterile and corporate movie theater world, the Rerun Movie Fest gives power back to those who deserve it – the movie junkie.

“It may be violent, sexual, or distasteful, but we deserve to see the movies we want,” said sophomore communications major Katie Weber.