Fill out forms to prevent room charges

By Stephanie Kohl

The deadline for move-in room condition forms is approaching for NIU students living in the residence halls.

The forms are due 30 days after students have checked into their rooms.

All students received a form when they checked into the residence halls. Those who did not receive forms or who have misplaced their form can get a new copy from the front desk of each hall, area office, the Work Request Office or online from the Housing and Dining Web site.

It is important to read through the sheet thoroughly and check that each item on the list is in the room. Students should also note the condition of all items listed and note other obvious damages.

Last year was the first year the forms were used. Of the approximately 6,000 students who lived in the residence halls, only about 1,500 forms were turned in, according to Jennifer Manning, housing administrator.

Turning in the move-in form is optional, Manning said.

“It’s the best way to document the condition of the room and not get charged for existing damages and missing items,” she said.

Stacy Opiela, a junior dance and pre-physical therapy double major, did not report her missing items freshman year. “I got charged for a missing light cover that wasn’t in my room when I moved in. So I suggest turning in your forms,” she said.

Kelly Kusman, a senior psychology major, agrees. “I filled out my room condition sheet because I was not satisfied with the condition of my room. There were big gashes in my walls and stuff stuck to the floor. I don’t want to be charged for that at the end of the year,” she said.

Students may choose to turn in a form jointly with their roommate, or fill out separate sheets. However, if both roommates fill out the same form, they both need to sign it, according to Manning.

Should a student have an emergency repair, such as a broken window or a light that does not work, they will need to fill out the move-in form and call the repair into the Work Request Office.

Residential Facilities will accept forms up to a week after reminder flyers have been posted in the halls.