Rec Center has surprise for students

By Tarciano Figueiredo

Pre-sociology major Robert Ramsey wants to lose weight this summer.

Ramsey said he is just getting in the mood to work out every week but the Campus Recreation Center hours, especially on weekends, do not help.

“The Rec is closed on Sundays and has different hours on Saturdays,” Ramsey said.

Junior pre-early childhood studies major Alanna Redd agrees with Ramsey.

“I am mad that they don’t have extended hours on Saturdays,” Redd said. “People have stuff to do but they still want to work out.”

Students like Ramsey and Redd have to adjust their schedules to exercise and the summer Rec hours may not work well for them.

Some other students have to pay extra money to work out at the Rec during the summer.

If a student is registered for summer classes and is paying student fees, he or she can use the Rec, said Recreation Services secretary Marchelle Ratliff.

However, students taking off-campus classes and not paying student fees for the summer have to pay $50 in order to use the Rec. The fee was raised from $40 in August 2004.

If students are not paying student fees, they are not paying for Rec membership, Ratliff said.

If alumni want to work out at the Rec, they have to pay $60 for the summer, Ratliff said.

Other buildings will also have different hours during the summer.

Chick Evans Field House is used by summer camps, Ratliff said, so NIU students are not able to work out there.