Beanie Sigel: The B. Coming

By Dillman and SK

Over the last few years, Beanie Sigel has been better known for his legal trouble than his music, films or State Property clothing line.

Sigel also switched labels when Damon Dash and Jay-Z split in different directions. Dash took Sigel under his wing and formed Damon Dash Music Group – with Sigel’s album “The B.Coming” as the label’s first release.

The debut single, “Feel It in the Air,” is definitely an opportunity for Beans to make his mark as an elite rap artist.

In the song, he goes through the verses explaining how he can feel something taking over his soul in the air. For a song recorded days before he was taken to jail, he definitely had a sixth sense.

The song “Don’t Stop” is a sure hit produced by Pharrell and the Neptunes’ Chad Hugo. It features Snoop Dogg showing that rhythm and gangsta can collide to make good music. It is more of an up-tempo song, where Sigel’s verse discusses his long awaited court case.

This album shows the maturation of Sigel’s career, life and music. He is not just a rap artist, he’s on his way to becoming a hip-hop mogul.

With this album, Beanie Sigel shows it is his time to take over Philly, Damon Dash Music Group and finally, the rap game.