Women’s club preparing reception for new members

By Jessica Kalin

NIU’s female employees are invited to the University Women’s Club’s annual reception today to learn about membership possibilities.

The club will host its free annual fall reception at 4 p.m. to garner new members.

“This is really a fun evening for ladies,” said Sally Stevens, co-membership chair. “It is a chance to meet new people and it is nice to see people who are still connected to the university.”

The club is designed to support philanthropic and educational activities within the university and community and provides a fellowship between women of the university.

The University Women’s Club has been in operation since 1952 and is open to anyone who is currently employed or retired employees of the university, as well as spouses of university employees.

The wine-and-cheese function will take place at the home of NIU President John Peters and his wife Barbara at 901 Woodlawn Drive. Barbara is the honorary club president.

“We had 125 members last year, we hope to have that many and more this coming year,” Stevens said.

The club has different activities to promote association between members. There are several activities members can participate in, such as day trips to gardens, bridge nights, art exploration and campus sporting events. All activities are paid for through member dues and do not receive money from NIU.

“They are very supportive of women’s issues on campus. They are helpful to all women on campus to show them the way.” said Betty Baugh, secretary for the University Resources for Women.

The club’s board meets once a month to plan social events for other members, who meet five or six times a year.

For more information, call Sally Stevens at 756-2343.