Cops reconstruct fight

By Dave Gomez

Despite reports of gunshots at the brawl that broke out early Sunday morning at Husky Grill and Sports Bar, police have found no evidence of shots being fired.

Witnesses claimed firecrackers were set off at the bar, sparking a chain of events that involved as many as 300 to 1000 people, said DeKalb Police Lt. Jim Kayes.

A man claiming to be a bouncer for the eatery told police that several men were attempting to enter the building through the back door after security had sealed off the entrance, Kayes said.

The same witness told police one man threw firecrackers into the building at 1205 W. Lincoln Highway. The witness said security later grabbed the man. Eight men then attacked one of the bouncers, sparking the fight.

An unconfirmed number of injuries were reported at the incident, Kayes said.

Aside from DeKalb police, state, county, and University Police were called to the incident, as well as police from neighboring Sycamore and Cortland, Kayes said.

Many of the responding county police had just gotten off of work at the Sandwich Fair, Kayes said.

The bar’s crowd, estimated at sizes ranging from 300 to 1000 people, also filled up the surrounding parking lot area adding to the recipe for trouble, Kayes said.

Although most people were there to enjoy themselves, sheer numbers along with a mix of troublemakers and alcohol are bound to cause a scene, Kayes said. The lot was so crowded that police were forced to climb over cars to reach suspects.

“Anytime you get a crowd that big … you’re going to have problems,” Kayes said.

In such a scenario, fights will often be sparked between groups, which in turn attracts people who want to see or get involved, Kayes said.

Three NIU students, Martez W. Harding, 19, Lorenzo D. Bond, 19, and Deshunn D. Berry, 19, were arrested. All were charged for obstructing a peace officer. Harding also received an additional charge of resisting a peace officer.

One of the men was arrested after he repeatedly attempted to speak to one of the arrested men being detained in a squad car, Kayes said.

It is still too early to tell what, if any, consequences the brawl may bring, said liquor commissioner and DeKalb Mayor Greg Sparrow, although no complaints have been filed against the bar.

The eatery is a Class E establishment, which allows underage customers entry but restricts them from the bar, Kayes said.

None of the three students faces an alcohol-related charge, Kayes said, and were probably not drinking at the eatery.

The students arrested would fall under the jurisdiction of NIU’s Judicial Office, said Judicial Director Larry Bolles. However, the office has not yet received any reports from police.

Husky Grill and Sports Bar did not comment for this story.