CAB to select its own replacement officers

By Sara Adams

The Campus Activities Board’s president and its vice president of finance recently vacated their positions and CAB will conduct an internal election to fill the empty seats.

President Jenny Mendez and Vice President of Finance Bill Leahy stepped down from their positions citing personal reasons, said Matt Holder, CAB’s vice president of programming.

CAB decided to fill the positions temporarily until the hiring process for the two positions is complete. Officer forms, necessary for organization recognition, are due to the Student Association by Sept. 15.

Jennifer Suerth, former CAB president and Gilberto Diaz, CAB’s SA Art Curator, are stepping in temporarily as president and vice president of finance, respectively.

CAB is in a position it has never been in before, Suerth said.

“In order to be compliant with SA, you have to have a president and a treasurer to be recognized,” Suerth said.

Last year, the SA changed the process for hiring CAB executives from an internal process to campus-wide elections.

Organizations that do not get their forms in on time run the risk of being temporarily suspended, said Allison Thompson, director of Public Affairs for the SA.

“I don’t see CAB having a problem turning their forms in,” Thompson said.

Elections were held for the positions in April and those elected were supposed to hold the positions for a year. Suerth said the SA didn’t inform CAB of what to do in the case of a resignation, so the organization went back to the old method of choosing its officers.

Applicants will be interviewed by the CAB staff and the coordinators will vote for candidates Sept. 27.

Students must fill out an application and turn it in to CAB by Sept. 20 in order to apply for either the president or vice president of finance, Holder said.

“The position is open to all; you should have some experience with finance either in CAB or similar to CAB,” Holder said.

Some of the duties of the president and vice president of finance include attending meetings with other organizations, going to CAB events, going to committee meetings and other external affairs, Suerth said. She said the vice president of finance prepares CAB’s budget proposal and presents it to the SA.