Is there a liberal bias in the media?

Greg Feltes

Editor’s note: Every Tuesday until the Nov. 2 elections, Sweeps will take on the local, state and national political scene with its own unique perspective.

With most polls showing the race for the White House as a dead heat, the impact of media coverage has never been greater. There remains some doubt about the fairness of media coverage. A Gallup Poll of 1,025 Americans released last year found that 45 percent of Americans believe that the media is too liberal, compared to the 14 percent who say it is too conservative. But does perception match up with reality? Sweeps asked five random people for their perspective.

“I think among our national media outlets there has been a liberal bias. However, many local media owners of the Republican persuasion tend to be more conservative in their coverage of the news. My greatest concern today is that all of our media are becoming more polarized and less objective in their reporting of the news to the detriment of American citizens.”

– Bob Brown, Democratic candidate for the Illinois 70th Representative District senate seat.

“Liberal is a myth that has been propagated by the conservative media bias. While the majority of media attempts to be non-partisan, no one can deny that the conservative right has a mouthpiece in Fox News.”

– Eric Reyes, founder of NIU’s chapter of Generation Dean.

“I do agree that there are a lot of journalists who have a liberal bias, but I don’t think the integrity of journalism is gone.”

– Donna Dalton, president of NIU’s College Democrats.

“I don’t believe the media has a liberal bias. It depends on what you are reading. I’m not sure why people think that. In fact, I think there are much more conservative voices out there.”

– Eileen Dubin, DeKalb Democratic Party chairwoman.

“Bottom line: No one can offer any tangible proof that such a bias exists.”

– Greg Feltes, Northern Star Sweeps Editor.