Chappelle cracks up Convocation Center

By Casey Toner

There. He said it: He’s Rick James. So are about a dozen loud crowd hecklers.

Thursday night at a sell-out Convocation Center crowd, comedian Dave Chappelle buried his hecklers and said masturbation will slip most college students out of trouble.

“It’s raw comedy. He brings reality out of issues of racism and sexism,” NIU alumnus Tracy Johnson said.

Greer Barnes, a featured player on “Chappelle’s Show,” opened for Chappelle, imitating Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro. Greer also commented on marijuana, the size of what he said was his gigantic penis and the NBA.

“I tried to come up with a reality show called ‘who wants to buy a n—–,’ but then I found out they have something like that: the NBA,” Barnes said.

After a short set, Greer left the stage, just before introducing comedian Chappelle to the electric applause of smiling faces in filled seats.

Fans greeted Chappelle with five minutes of standing ovation; Chappelle greeted fans with the Superfreak.

“I’m Rick James, bitch!” Chappelle said.

The crowd responded with a several thunderous rounds of “yay-yeaaahs” and “okaaaaaays.”

Fans echoed his show-friendly sentiments and catch phrases while he performed, one time interrupting Chappelle’s punch line.

“The people wasting his time kind of pissed me off,” said John Moran, a Robert Morris College student.

After about 10 minutes of heckling, Chappelle ripped into the hecklers, claiming that he drank bottled water to remove the taste of the heckler’s mother from his mouth.

One crowd suggestion, however, led to what Chappelle said was a one-time event – an improvisation of Tyrone Biggums, “Chappelle’s Show’s” neighborhood crackhead.

“He’s a very reality-conscious brother; he uplifts the spirits for all the people,” senior communication major Shawanda Kilgo said.