It hasn’t changed yet

I want to create a scenario. I want people to wake up and take a look at America for one minute. Now being an Afro-American in America, I see a lot of things haven’t changed and it seems as if they will never change. It seems as if the hurt and injustice which occurred for 400+ years to the African-American is still going on strong. The free labor in which we were forced to provide to build America and mold the world will never be repaired. How does a people have a better chance at a good life when there is no money pumped into the community? The government claims they have no money to yield, but they seem to have conjured up 1.6 billion in relief for Russia. Supposedly the money already had been allocated for the fiscal year’s budget. It just goes to show where our government’s priorities lie. Sure they did a token gesture and provided relief for Somalia, but they still are not putting the money in the ghettos where it is needed the most. Is it because there is no money to give? Please! Russia was not too long ago America’s enemy, but now we can give them money so they establish economic power. It just goes to show that America is not concerned about the African-American uplifting itself and establishing a stronger role in society. I know there are some idiots who will say America has done a lot for us, but there is no way in the world they will ever be able to repay us for 400 years of slavery. We are in a time whereas, black on black violence is on the rise and higher education on the decline. Money was never put into our community and that is why a lot of the violence in the African-American community exists. People, let’s not get fooled. Let’s remember where we are and who we are dealing with. The upliftment of the African-American is not America’s concern and they truly have proven it over and over again. Wake up!!