Lucky crowd’s confusion

By Karina Brown

“Do I have a scar on my face?”

That was just one question heard from a patron at the Lucky Boys Confusion show after members of the bands playing earlier that night jumped into the crowd to surf on the hands and, in some cases, heads of their fans.

-Crowd surfing, screaming and sweating were only a portion of what went on last Sunday night at Otto’s Niteclub, 118 E. Lincoln Highway. A variety of bands played to get the crowd riled up before the main band, Lucky Boys Confusion, took the stage.

The crowd started packing in at 6:30 p.m. and by 9:35, there was no way you could make it to the front without a black eye and crushed feet. The band walked onstage with beer bottles in hand and started with an animated vibe that only increased throughout the show. Growing up in Naperville and Downers Grove, the band members played a variety of music ranging from punk rock to reggae, all upbeat promoting energy that drove the crowd wild. The crowd sang along to varying songs from past albums “Throwing the Game” and “Growing Out of It” as well as their new release “Commitment.” In fact, the audience was so enthusiastic that many times throughout the night, lead singer Stubhy would hold out the microphone and have the crowd sing the lyrics.

After playing a long set of music and having the crowd work up an appetite for more, they left the stage. The crowd shouted “LBC! LBC!” over and over until the band returned to play another few songs and finished up with “40-80” before claiming to take off for some local parties in the area.

“I grew up with LBC’s music,” said devoted LBC fan Caitlin Burke, a junior speech pathology major. And this makes sense considering the band has been playing together since they were 16 years old and started touring in 2001.

“I’ve always enjoyed their shows. They have a high-energy performance and really play for their audience,” Burke said. “I’ve been to their concerts a little over 20 times, and each time is different but all incredibly fun.”

However, you don’t have to be a native Chicagoan to really appreciate their music.

“It was awesome. They have great energy,” said Shara Parker, a communication major and Utah native. “I’m now telling all my friends at home, ‘You have to listen to this CD.'”

With a growing fan base adding to its already-loyal legions, Lucky Boys Confusion is a band that seems to have what it takes to make it truly big in the musical world.