Tables are turned

I was amused to see that Bradley Strauss said “It’s presumptuous for my opponent to try to get into my head and figure out my motives,” during his debate with Kevin Johnson. Bradley, as you may know, is running for 6th ward alderman.

I seem to remember that when a certain Minister Louis Farrakhan was coming to NIU, Bradley was one of the most vocal opponents. Wasn’t he a little presumptuous to protest against a man he’s never heard? I couldn’t help but notice, after Minister Farrakhan came and delivered a positive message, Bradley was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he was embarrassed by his own presumptuousness?

I’ve also noticed that Bradley often has his name in The Northern Star. When I read the article that accompanies his name, I never notice anything getting done. Sounds like Bradley is a REAL politician. Also, he wants to be part of NIU’s administration. We all know what to expect from NIU administrators. Nothing.

I have to admit, Bradley has experience. It just seems that his experience is in getting elected, not in getting things done.



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