CAB looks for SA approval for new ‘Huskie’ committees

By Deanna Cabinian

Campus Activities Board presented budget requests for two new committees they hope to form next year, Huskie Pride and Little Huskies, at Wednesday’s Student Association Finance Committee meeting.

CAB President Jen Suerth said the idea for Huskie Pride came from the success of this year’s football team.

“The whole idea is to get people in the stands and pack the house,” Suerth said.

CAB requested $14,078 for the committee. If approved for funding, Huskie Pride would work to increase attendance at sporting events and also provide entertainment before games for tailgaters.

Not everyone completely agreed with the idea, however.

“I’m not quite sure $14,000 is merited,” SA Senate Speaker Andrew Nelms said. He said that this year, tailgating overflowed into Northern Television Center’s parking lot and that there wouldn’t really be room for a band or other entertainment.

Little Huskies, another new committee, requested $9,191 in funding. Events would cater to NIU students who have children, Suerth said. If allocated, the money would pay for more family-oriented activities, such as trips to children’s museums in Chicago.

The CAB Homecoming committee asked for an increase in funding, mainly for promotional materials. They also wanted more money to hold Yell Like Hell at the Convocation Center.

CAB’s Mid-Level committee requested a slight increase in funds. Brooke Beyers, CAB vice president of programming and activities, said Mid-Level is similar to the supplemental funding that the SA gives out, except that CAB members have experience and knowledge of event planning. SA-approved organizations can request $1,000 from the committee.

CAB’s public relations committee requested almost double the amount of funds they had for Fiscal Year 2004. Most of the extra money was requested for advertising for events and to recruit members.

The CAB Springfest committee requested slightly more money for FY 2005 to go toward honorariums, which are used for activities during the week of Springfest.

The Summer Programming committee wanted more money for an event called “Music Under the Stars.” This event is similar to an event called “Jazz in the Night” the committee used to hold, but would have more of a variety in music, Beyers said.

CAB Travel requested more money because of the popularity of football and students’ desire to go to away games. Also for FY 2005, CAB outlined trips it would like to offer next year, which is why the figure is significantly higher, Beyers said.

CAB’s Unity in Diversity committee asked for slightly less money, eliminating the cost of meals for featured speakers and guests.

The Visual Arts/SA Art Collection committee also requested more money. Suerth said NIU has the only college-owned art collection in the state. The increase would allow maintenance work for the art, Suerth said.