A Rusty Link

My letter is to ask Jonathan Adkins why any citizen, being law-abiding or not, should be able to obtain a semi-automatic gun, or for that matter a gun at all? A gun serves one purpose, and that, Jonathan, is to cause severe injury or perhaps kill either another human or an animal. Please show me where in the Bill of Rights it says I have the right to kill. You are correct, the Bill of Rights does say we have the right to bear arms, but at the time the Constitution was written, to bear arms meant to own a musket. If you wish to keep that tightly knit chain of rights together then maybe we ought to follow the rights for what they were initially intended, and we can all fight the bad guys with our three-shots-per-minute (if you are a real sharp-shooter) muskets.

Here’s the problem. The men who wrote the Constitution were not perfect, they couldn’t see the future, and for that reason the Bill of Rights is not perfect. Perhaps the right to bear arms isn’t the wisest right for a large, cruel society such as ours. Sometimes those old, rusty links need to be replaced.