Watch out, Atari releases its new beast

By Andrew Duff

Get ready 1993 gamers! The Atari Jaguar is here!

This 64-bit system wipes the floor with Nintendo and Sega’s silly little 16-bit systems and boasts graphics that are in full 3-D. There are none of those crisp, clean 2-D sprites; we’re talking blocky POLYGONS here! Who hasn’t dreamed of games that aren’t flat, boring 2-D, but are in 3-D worlds that you really can explore?

And look at the size of the Jaguar’s controller! Who needs to be comfortable when you can have a controller that has its very own number pad? And if someone ever tries to steal your precious new system, you easily could use the controller as a weapon.

The system is retailing at the rather steep price of $250, which is a tad expensive, compared to the Super Nintendo at $100. But hey, you get a free game – the awesome “CyberMorph.”

In “CyberMorph,” you control a spaceship that collects pods of some sort, all the while having someone named Skyler help you out using grainy, human-like voices. What games have you played lately that are in full 3-D and have voices? That’s right, none.

So for an extra $150 you get a game AND all those extra bits! Sounds like a pretty good deal!

Jaguar is set up to get a ton of cool games, like a port of “Myst,” the hit puzzle game where you wander around an empty world and try to solve the mystery of why it’s empty! Exciting!

Nothing out there can beat the rush of playing “Doom” on the Jaguar, with all its added features, like a two-player mode and more levels than the PC version. Now you get to play “Doom” with a friend!

Puzzles and first-person shooters not your style? Then how about “Primal Rage,” a fighter where you battle it out as DINOSAURS. How cool is that?

You may have noticed that the games for the Jaguar are mostly ports from other, more popular gaming formats. So what if this powerful home system doesn’t have a whole lot of original games? Who wants to spend thousands of dollars for a computer or shovel quarters into an arcade machine when you can just buy a Jaguar and a few of its $70 games?

With the Atari’s competition laughably weak compared to its brand new, really cool 64-bit system, I predict the Jaguar will be around for a long, long time. I’m picking up mine today, aren’t you?