On the hunt for student leaders

By Linda Luk

The Northern Leadership Institute seeks nominations for student leaders to attend the third annual spring institute on March 26, 2003.

“NLI is a group of students from various organizations that had made a commitment to work together to improve leadership on campus,” said Bertram Dugan, NLI adviser.

The spring institute is a one-day event focused on campus leadership.

“The spring institute is a full day comprised of an opening and a keynote speaker,” said Krystal Kleinschmidt, co-chair of NLI. “It is also made up of sessions which are intensive workshops on a specific topic regarding campus leadership.”

The nomination process has begun and the deadline to be nominated is Nov. 22.

“If people want to nominate students to attend the institute, they should go to the Web site at www.sa.niu.edu/nli,” said Adam Steinmetz, registration chair of NLI. “It is going to be done totally online this year and if you are going to go, you have to register.”

The targeted group that will receive information on nomination are deans, department chairs, faculty advisers, executive boards, professors, hall directors, community advisers and director of special programs, Kleinschmidt said. People can nominate an many students as possible.

“Most of our nominations will be from staff and faculty,” Dugan said. “We also have a pretty good amount of people self-nominated.”

Students who are nominated will receive registration information in the spring, Steinmetz said.

“If you are nominated, it means that someone on this campus thinks that you are a student leader or you have the potential to be a student leader,” Kleinschmidt said. “I think it is a great honor to be nominated, it means you have made an impact.”

Student leaders in organizations interested in being nominated should talk to their faculty adviser for information.

“This year, students attending the conference will learn how to improve campus leadership,” Kleinschmidt said. “They will also get a chance to meet influential people, student leaders and people from the community.”

Just because this year’s theme is campus leadership, students still can benefit from the sessions because the topics can be applied and used not only for campus leadership, but in the working world as well, Steinmetz said.

“Students should definitely look forward to expanding the skills they already have and become stronger students and stronger leaders for attending,” said Dugan.