New SA held first meeting Sunday

By Sara Blankenheim

With a new group of senators elected, the Student Association held its first meeting Sunday night.

Before the meeting, the new senators attended an orientation session to learn about their responsibilities for the academic year.

“They have a lot to learn this semester, but I’m sure they’ll do well,” said Brooke Robinson, SA director of public affairs.

Twenty-six senators attended, while nine were missing from the 2 1/2-hour meeting because of prior engagements.

The missing senators are expected to attend in the future.

The senate itself still is not complete because of the amount of senators elected per district.

“There are still five seats to fill, and those will be filled by the appointment process,” Robinson said.

Nine out of 10 SA directors were there for questioning of the approval bill, which determines whether or not the directors have a job with the SA.

The first reading of the bill was not waived because of the outcome of the first vote.

“There has to be 19 votes for waiving the bill,” Robinson said. “The votes were 17 [for] and nine [against].”

If the first reading of the bill is waived, the senate can vote for the approval of directors upon the second reading.

“I just want to know if I have a job,” Robinson said. “But that’s their right. They can do that.”

The majority of directors remained after the meeting for questioning by the attending senators.

“They want to learn more about the directors they are voting on,” Robinson said.

The bill will be back at the next SA meeting.

SA Senate meetings are at 6 p.m. every Sunday at the Holmes Student Center’s Clara Sperling Skyroom.